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CS21 Ostrava, spol. s r.o.

The history of the current company CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o. is dated back to 1993, when three business places were established – shops of computing technology in Ostrava, Nový Jičín, and Karviná, then as a part of an Ostrava branch of the Prague company ELKO.

18 months later (19 August 1994), the independent business company CS21 Ostrava, spol. s r.o. was established, owned by 2 natural persons, and oriented not only on sales but also on comprehensive IT services providing. Since its establishment, the company CS21 Ostrava spol. s r.o. has been one of a whole Czech Republic trading and service network of the CS21 Group.

Since 2000, the end sales and direct computing equipment supplies including production of appropriate computers of the Xerius trademark have been taking a back seat. The Company responded to the market changes, becoming oriented to comprehensive IT services providing and supplies of comprehensive ICT solutions. A cooperation with some chosen global computing technology producers was commenced.

CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o.

The year of 2005 was under the sign of the services portfolio extension. A continuous demand by clients to provide not only computing technology supplies and services outsourcing but also first-rate Internet connection resulted into a purchase of the local internet network Nextnet. Thus, the Company acquired a necessary know-how and, in the course of further 3 years, extended its clients base by more than ten times.

In January 2006, the business name was changed to CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o. The registered capital of the Company equaled CZK 1 million.

The data network administration outsourcing became a commonly recognized trend. This was not intended just to the biggest clients - banks, insurers, production corporations, etc. but it became a common part of medium-size and small enterprises and companies. A demand for qualified and completely available solutions was continuously increasing. The company CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o. gained a confidence of a supranational company IBM, and became its contractual supplier for some technical activities.

A global economic crisis in 2008 meant further enhancement of the strain to CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o on quality and competiveness of its services and new business opportunities searching for. The Company started to design, supply and implement security of companies and institutes by its Cisco and SkyVera systems, supported by consultancy and services. A number of clients and requirements for camera systems and secured wi-fi networks have been increasing.

A strategic partnership with the company VB Leasing in 2009 opened a way to clients satisfaction without a sufficient financial background. The operative leasing of information technologies became a hit and, simultaneously, also a standard. A portion of services and supplies of consumption materials has been still prevailing a portion of the hardware sales.

In March 2010, the company CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o. represented the Czech Republic at the international conference of the International Association of Certified Partners of Microsoft (IAMCP) in Brussels. It started to participate actively in a newly occurring cloud computing trend.

Since that October, the Company has been owned by four natural persons, two of them being Executive Directors of the Company.

In November 2011, CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o. opened a new business place - branch office at the Žitná street, Prague.

Since March 2015 we welcome You also in our new offices at the Business Center Ocelářská Prague (opposite the O2 Arena).

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