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Attendance Systems

Nowadays, attendance and electronic security systems are common equipment of commercial state organization structures or buildings. A motif why we implement also those systems is the effort to satisfy completely the needs of our clients in their upmost spectrum.

Easy Working Hours Registration

Do you need an attendance system? You do, if you wish to perform electronic registration of your staff arrivals and leaving during the whole business time easily and quickly. Each of your employees is given an unique chip to be used in any workplace arrival and leaving. Irrespective usual business hours spent at the same site, or at external terrain, or whether it is just a lunch break or necessary leaving to attend a doctor, all common options are parts of the attendance software.

Prepared Outputs (Forms)

The attendance system equipment and chips mutually communicate due to the software that plays a role not only of permanent parts control but serves also to the Company management to monitor working morale of employees. Pre-prepared report outputs save a lot of work and paper work to the Accounting Department staff in wages processing.

Low Cost

While the initial system versions were oriented better to medium and major clients, nowadays it is no problem to provide a solution also for small enterprises and organizations employing a small number of people. We offer the formerly expensive equipment in a more favorable form of leasing. You will save for initial investment while fully utilizing any and all advanced technologies offered by the system.

Proved System

Our company CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o. is a commercial and service partner of the Czech producer ICN. We do not only offer the attendance system and provide our clients with service support but we have been also using it, too. We will share our abundant experience with you! Contact us, it will be a pleasure for us to prepare an optimal design. Free-of-charge pilot operation!

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