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Data Networks, Cabling

Do you use several computers simultaneously? How do you share and transfer data among particular stations? On a disc? On a CD? On a “ flash “? Do you say we amuse you by such questions? Then do believe it has been a common way of work in more than just in a few companies and organization quite recently!

The Network is a Base

The implementation of information technologies needed by current companies and organizations for their activities is solved by buying necessary hardware and software, and by building a computer network. A so-called structured cabling allows to solve simultaneously not only interconnection of computers and servers and other shared computer network parts (printers, data storage units, etc.) but also to use the same cabling also for e.g. a telecommunication system or security camera system.

Further, a Wi-Fi network is suitable for data transfer at premises preventing from classic cable usage (historical buildings, various construction anomalies), or at places where the network availability is required without any current esthetic intervention.

The Quality Is Worth

A precondition for permanent and stabilized data transfer is a qualified network design starting from a design, implementation, up to the resulting network putting in operation. Although it looks just like placing some cables and maybe arrangement of a few of “APs” for wireless signal reception, a difference between a professionally designed network and amateur cable installation can be distinguished immediately at the first fault and your work restriction. A following repair frequently results into a general and complete network replacement.

Stake On The Extended Guarantee Term

Recognize how much costs the work and operation restriction to establish a network, how cabling should be prepared and executed (trunking, drilling, bricklayer's work). What can happen when you find after a year that you had chosen a little cheaper supplier but your network is obsolete, unreasonably slow, and, in addition, faults occur every day?

It is not decisive whether you need a small, simple network, or topologically complex and extensive network in the industrial environment. Utilize our many years experience and orientation in the market novelties! We have been providing a 15 years guarantee for our networks !

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