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Financial Services

The operative information technology leasing becomes a hit and standard simultaneously. A strategic partnership of CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o. with a financial company VB Leasing opens a way to regular computer equipment modification and easier financial planning. Due to the IT and Operate Program, we cover solutions in order of thousands of Czech crowns up to several millions.

Easier Financial Planning

An investment distribution in periodic monthly payments will not overload your budget, and will allow your future financial planning.

Computer Technology That Will Not Become Obsolete

Answer a question whether you currently need to own or use computer technology.

The IT market development has advanced so much that with regard to prices and performances of present equipment, it is not worth to wait until the computer technology becomes obsolete and then to sell it for some money to desirous employees. A regular renovation of computer technology and, simultaneously, care by a reliable IT partner for your computer technology will provide its incident - free operation.

Maintenance As A Part of Comprehensive Services

You need to use quality computer technology with adequate services and guarantee to solve potential incidents in guaranteed response terms. You will gain both technical background as well as services providing at regular monthly payments.

Financial and Operative Leasing In Terms of the Ownership

In case of financial (classic) leasing, you become automatically the equipment owner upon a contractual term expiration. Most usually, a guarantee term of the equipment after the contractual relationship termination expired, and, in case of any incident, a free-of-charge guarantee service does not apply to it.

In principle, in case of operative leasing, it covers the equipment leasing and guaranteed service for some agreed upon term with potential extension available. You gain the equipment immediately upon a contract execution and irrespective the actual guarantee term, you are entitled to free-of-charge guarantee repairs for the whole contractual term.

IT & Corporate

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