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Any failure of the computing equipment means almost always restriction or complete stoppage of your work. Each incident can be solved, however, it means also a time delay and unnecessary stress. Quite logically, you cannot help thinking: What it was caused by? Could the incident be prevented from?

Early Warning

What does mean networks, servers and stations monitoring and check in practice? ITMonitoring24/7 enables to follow a real-time network condition of the whole computer equipment, automate periodic system condition tests, generate HW and SW stocktaking, check installed updating and patches, and other checks. The aim is evident: to avoid error and disaster states of your information technologies.

Continuous Control

ITMonitoring24/7 watches and evaluates the reliability of services and functionality of computing technology and data networks continuously for 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in alia:

It checks whether your discs are in a good conditionEvery morning it checks automatically your E-mail systems
It checks your logs in terms of critical incidents presence It checks whether your network elements are in a good condition
It checks presence of hacker's attacksIt checks whether the sizes of files and folders are as suggested
It checks web sites appropriatenessIt checks the MS Exchange server functionality
It checks Windows system servicesIt checks the SQL server functionality
It checks disc available placesIt checks the server performance
It checks network and TCP loadIt checks the RAID state
It checks redundancy success 

HW and SW Stocktaking

Periodic control reports serve to evaluation of services reliability and computing technology and data networks functionality. However, ITMonitoring24/7 is able to do even more. Without having to perform time demanding physical stocktaking, thanks to our service you will acquire a list of hardware and software in the server and stations within the network anytime and in a few of seconds!

At A Price Lower than A Cup of Coffee A Day

For minimum monthly cost, you will gain not only control above your data network but also complete overview of all your devices. All reports are automatically sent by e-mail, or in form of SMS to our control room, or to any other place you direct.

ITMonitoring24/7 is provided by us as a service in relation to our service support, or as a separate tool for your IT Department. Training is provided by us free-of-charge!


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