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  • Do you arrange a conference where not only you give several presentations, and, unfortunately, some attendants cannot arrive because they are e.g. cold. Will you send them later conference documents, or will you arrange that they can see everything from their warm home with a cup of hot tea in hand?
  • Your children and children of your friends as well as children of their friends fairly prepared and the D day occurred when their performance will not be before a few of their family members but on the stage and before so many guests. And, despite that, it is not possible for everybody to attend the performance even they would like to watch it so much!
  • Sport matches, sold out hall, numbers of persons wishing to see such sport holiday but ….how?
    From a record? Well, that is not it. Lively!

Three examples from all ones why the internet broadcasting – streaming – has a sense not only for records from the Chamber of Deputies.

We will provide you with direct broadcasting or record from any event and, if you wish so, we will provide you also with a cameraman.

Direct Broadcasting

A signal in direct (live ) broadcasting is transmitted in real time from a broadcasting workplace (conference, performance, sport broadcast ) up to you.

The broadcasting can be best compared to television broadcasting; it is only another technology, where internet is a signal carrier. Don't be afraid of personal data, the transmitter neither holds nor gains any information about you or about your computer.

Streaming is a technology of continual multimedia materials transmission between a source and end user. In case of the stream content, it is not necessary for the user to wait for a long time for loading of a big multimedia file before playing it. Instead of that, the medium is transmitted in a continuous stream, and its parts having been already transmitted, can be replayed.

Recording (Video On Demand)

Playing a record, a client himself chooses which contribution to be played and when. After some initial contribution seconds loading, play is started. Like in playing from a video recorder or DVD player, it is usually possible to move forward or reverse in the recorded file. You surely know, e.g. from Youtube.com or other currently already commonly available internet video records on many servers (idnes.cz, stream.cz, novinky.cz, etc.)

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We provide direct broadcasting or record of any event and, if you wish, we provide you also with a cameraman... more


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