• Outsourcing IT

    Services to client's stations, services related to servers, network infrastructure...

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  • Financial services

    Operative information technology leasing becomes both a hit and standard simultaneously, due to the IT and Operate System, we are able to provide solutions in the order of thousands of CZK up to several millions...

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  • Camera security systems

    Monitoring of halls, operation plants, parking areas, warehouses, or other internal and external premises by cameras...

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  • Premises sound system instalation

    A wide range of our services offer includes also permanent customized sound system installation

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  • Data nerworks, cabling

    The implementation of information technologies needed by current firms for their activities is solved by purchase of necessary hardware and software and computer network building...

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  • ITMonitoring24/7

    Early warning, continuous control, HW and SW stocktaking at a price lower than for a cup of coffee a day...

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  • System integrations

    We don't wish to be only one from many suppliers but we prefer to be your permanent, long-term and reliable partner…

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CS21  Nextnet - Reliable Solution for Your IT

Our services are quick and save your time and money. Rely on our professionalism and experience. We guarantee you an individual attitude and qualified care. Devote your time fully to your work and interests, we will devote ourselves fully to your IT infrastructure!

About the Company CS21NextNet

The professionalism, quality and reliability are a base for a team work of technicians and businessmen of CS21 Nextnet, s.r.o. We establish a stabilized partner relationship with our customer. Our professionalism is a guarantee, and our reliability is qualification and guarantee of a permanently first-rate service. We offer not only the goods but we also wish to provide you with a good service- in a prompt, qualified and economical way.

The company CS21 Nextnet supplies the computing technology and equipment and provides complex services within the whole Czech Republic as follows:

  • Computing technology and equipment repairs
  • Computer services administration outsourcing
  • Designing
  • Installation and supplies of data networks
  • Training for PC users
  • Specialized trainings of IT technicians and administrators
  • Safety /security audits
  • Internet connections
  • Data networks interconnection
  • And other technical and commercial services

Authorization and partnerships

Quick Contact

Vladimír Menšík


Tel.: +420 558 279 172
Email: obchod@cs21nextnet.cz


Tel.: +420 558 279 177
E-mail: podpora@cs21nextnet.cz


Tel.: +420 558 279 111
E-mail: ostrava@cs21nextnet.cz